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The sights that made Webster Marble famous and put Gladstone, Michigan on the map are again being produced there at the Marble Arms factory on the northern shore of Lake Michigan.

Neither reproductions nor replicas, today’s Marble's vintage sights are the real thing:  originals crafted from tools, dies, and blueprints stored for nearly a century in our factory.
Proprietary sights, those designed by W.L. Marble, will carry his company’s century old trademarks.  Sights made as original equipment for other manufacturers (Winchester, Marlin, etc.) will be, as they always were, unmarked.
First built will be the traditional best sellers:  sight slot fillers; front, rear and tang sights.  Others will be added as demand dictates.  Both complete products and replacement parts will be available.  Each new release will be showcased on this web site.
Webster L. Marble
With an array of choices; collectors, restorers, gunsmiths, and hobbyists can replace missing, incomplete, or incorrect sights with genuine vintage equipment that adds authenticity and value to any firearm.
As always, Marble Arms objective is to supply the highest quality sighting equipment to the broadest spectrum of the firearms fraternity.